Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Sharing responsibilities equals sharing success

Engaged entrepreneurship

As a European company with its activities in a developing community, Messem acknowledges its responsibility towards the wellbeing of employees, farmers and farmers’ employees, and regarding the development of local communities.

Messem works in close cooperation not only in projects with customers like Nestlé and Danone, but also with NGO's like Oxfam and Rainforest Alliance as well as some local organizations to further improve the social compliance, safety and well being of everyone involved in harvesting and processing of the strawberries.

Starting 2017, Messem will also thoroughly focus on the reduction of plastic litter on the fields.

Recognized and supported efforts

Messem is honored to be part of a three years multi-million euro project sponsored by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH/German Partnership for International Collaboration). The goal of this project is to set up sustainable sourcing models in Morocco, Turkey and Madagascar.