Supply Chain/farmer relationships

Messem believes in quality and reliability through partnerships

Quality starts at the roots

For Messem, quality and reliability starts at the roots. And at the foundation of this are its long-lasting and close relationships with the farmers. Prior to each strawberry season, farmers and Messem formally agree upon the following:

  • Quality of the strawberries;
  • Use of pesticides;
  • Hygiene levels at the farms;
  • Compliancy to social legislation.

Prices and volumes can also be agreed upon, but most farmers prefer the liberty of a free market system. In order to obtain the strawberries, Messem has to offer competitive prices.

Health Committee initiative takes off

Together with other professionals in the strawberry industry, Messem initiated a ‘Comité Sanitaire’ (Health Committee) in 2015. All members have agreed upon applying the same high standards and using the same method to audit the farmers before the strawberry season starts. A so-called ‘flying squad’ visits the farms on a daily basis to guide and consult the farmers in all day-to-day issues that may occur.

A, B or C farmer level

Based on their performance, famers are categorized as level A, B or C. Only those farmers that are classified A-level, are eligible for bonuses.