With Messem old school reliability is offered by a brand new company

A short and sweet history

Messem was founded in 2012, but already has a long history in the growing and marketing of frozen strawberries. This history starts with SVZ: Messem Maroc's predecessor and leading Dutch producer of fruit and vegetable ingredients. In 1996 SVZ started one of the first strawberry freezing facilities in Morocco near Larache, surrounded by the strawberry fields of the Maghreb. Here SVZ, together with partner Felgar, helped Morocco become an important supplier of frozen strawberries to a large part of the European food industry.

From SVZ Maroc SA to Messem Maroc SA

Fast-forward to 2012. In this year SVZ's COO Jan Sevenhuysen acquired the strawberry freezing facility through a management buy-out. With the all new Messem, the market position of the 'old' company is further consolidated. Stronger than ever.