Messem, Felgar and strawberry growers join hands

Messem is all about partnership and loyalty. Together with partner Felgar they are proud of their long-term relationship with a devoted, professional group of strawberry growers. The involvement doesn't begin with the end-product. From the moment the rootstocks are imported to Morocco, Messem, as well as Felgar, is fully committed to the cause of growing the best strawberries, fitting the industry's most demanding needs. The whole process, including the marketing of the freshly frozen strawberries to Europe and supplying the 'end of season'- strawberries for industrial processing, is closely supervised.

Safe cultivation, full tracking and tracing

This essential and broad involvement is also visible in the leading role Messem takes on the important subject of pesticides. For many years, the company's agronomists and strawberry growers work with so called 'positive list of pesticides'.

This list contains safe chemicals and the best agronomical practices. Each strawberry grower Messem and Felgar work with, keeps a cultivation logbook of each field. These logbooks are regularly and thoroughly consulted.