Messem, Felgar and Crop's: strong partners in the world of strawberries

The synergies between Felgar and Messem have always been apparent. Nowadays this partnership is as clear and strong as before. Felgar provides the carefully selected growers with just as carefully selected strawberry rootstocks. Together with Felgar - and if so desired also with other industry stakeholders - Messem advises growers concerning cultivation practices and clever use of agrochemicals.

Furthermore, usually until March Felgar arranges distribution of strawberries to the European fresh markets and grocery chains. During this month, Messem starts the processing of frozen strawberries for the industrial market.

LogoCropsAndPartnersMessem is a proud member of 'Crop's & Partners', leading producer of frozen fruits and vegetables. With worldwide locations and affiliations this Belgian multinational offers partners such as Messem even more strength and stability.